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valon Health
was founded in 1993 by Susan Frey whose professional careers in healthcare and architectural design formed the foundation for its eclectic and innovative approach to wellness. Originally educated as a registered nurse and professional architectural interior designer, Susan subsequently completed a certification in massage therapy, masters and doctoral degrees in natural health sciences and a Doctor of Naturopathy.

Susan FreyFrey embodies a unique perspective to the built environment as both an architectural designer and naturopath. She offers consultation services with innovative design firms that are looking for ways to integrate sustainability issues with cutting-edge environmental research within the built environment.

Frey is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who has shared her enthusiasm for spiritual empowerment as a keynote speaker at business and educational conferences, as a presenter at international symposiums, as a workshop leader in corporations, and as a lecturer in high school and college classrooms.


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Dr. Susan Frey, PhD, ND, RN, LMT
P.O. Box 1618
Gloucester, MA 01931


Phone: 978-283-6493
E-Mail: sfrey@avalonhealthassoc.com


Original watercolor donated by a third grade class at the Waldorf School, Lexington, MA.

Original castle illustration by Ruth Dallmeyer.


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