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valon Health
includes private and public health services. As a private naturopathic practice Avalon offers individuals holistic programs through bodywork, nutritional/herbal counseling and environmental consultations to prevent disease, optimize health and prepare the path to well-being and transformation.

In the public sector Avalon offers educational seminars based on the recent publication of the book by Susan Frey, The Road to Avalon II: Cultivating Spirituality in the Classroom. Founder Susan Frey and associates have presented to architects, designers, educators and healthcare professionals at major symposiums and conferences throughout the country on the meaning of spiritual space and its implications for health and learning. Presentations have been approved for professional development credits for health professionals, educators, architects and interior designers.

Avalon Health Associates introduced a dynamic, multisensory learning model in naturopathic health education as the New Paradigm of Wellness conferences during 1994-1996. Since 1995, Avalon has implemented this model in both secondary and post-secondary public schools in Massachusetts.

Associates include naturopaths, bodyworkers, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, architects, artists, sound and movement therapists, herbalists and others who share their healing gifts with teachers and students in public schools. Programs range from on-site chair massage for teachers, yoga and movement therapies for students, building assessments of lighting and ergonomics and artistic/ architectural collaborations in the creation of spiritual space. Several of these programs have been fully funded through Massachusetts state grants.


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Dr. Susan Frey, PhD, ND, RN, LMT
P.O. Box 1618
Gloucester, MA 01931


Phone: 978-283-6493
E-Mail: sfrey@avalonhealthassoc.com


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