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Physical, Mental, Spiritual and
Environmental Solutions for Well-being


valon Health
is an internationally recognized resource for the promotion of empowered learning and healing through spiritual design in public schools and healthcare facilities. By integrating ancient philosophies with 20th century research and applying them to the built environment, Avalon Health is setting new trends towards a new spiritual consciousness in the 21st century.
Avalon Health embraces natural medicine and life-enhancing environments as a path to the fullest realization of our potential for spirituality and well-being.


Avalon Health offers a variety of cutting-edge services and products related to naturopathic healthcare and the architectural built environment.



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Dr. Susan Frey, PhD, ND, RN, LMT
P.O. Box 1618
Gloucester, MA 01931


Phone: 978-283-6493

Original watercolor donated by a third grade class at the Waldorf School, Lexington, MA.

Original castle illustration by Ruth Dallmeyer.


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